Principal’s Message

Principal’s Message

 Timpany Preschool is a unique institution located in an enormous campus, in the heart of the city of destiny committed for its, outstanding standards sine decades both in teaching and infrastructure, and rendering matchless services, the children of visakhapatnam from the inception, the school is dedicated for its honest and committed services thousands of successful and well molded children settled in excellent positions around the world, are the classic examples for the outstanding mission and performance, rendered by the school, as a mark its social responsibility.

This minority institution was founded by the Canadian Baptist Overseas mission Board in year 1931 by Rev. A.W. Timpany to serve the cause of Education and for the glory of God.

The medium of institution is English the schools are run on Christian principles and offer to students, irrespective of community and creed, a complete education of body mind and spirit.

  • Compassion
  • Excellence
  • Discipline
  • Integrity

These values will be institutionalized and lived out by the Timpany family. We believe that parents have the greatest influence on a child’s life as home is the first school. Parent – Teacher meets must be utilized to share information about every child, which will enable the teacher of offer timely help. Parents are requested to feel free to ask teacher’s expectations and also the child’s progress, in studies and behavior. The teacher will appreciate parents personal interest in discussing any problem regarding the child’s together let’s shape the child’s life into a meaning one.