Programme for environmental awareness in schools in voluntary organization working towards environmental awareness among school children, as a network of schools, committed to bring out a movement for protection of nature. The need of hour is to tackle the urgent issues that are threatening the existence of life. PEAS is a nationwide programme aiming to motivate students into actions.

The programme is already being implemented in different cities like Bangalore, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Rajkot, Madurai, Chennai, Delhi and Visakhapatnam. Educationist and Environmentalist in different parts of the country are reaching out to help and strengthen the PEAS network. When children are in the budding stage with tender minds the educational process should prepare them to face various natural and unnatural threats in the society. They must be properly guided and guarded. PEAS is committed to this kind of awareness activities to protect the environment. In the words of Dr. Ken Gnanakan – Chairman, PEAS, Children must accept the need for change in attitudes so that the future of our world is secure.

PEAS conducts activities like Surveys, Rallies, Exhibitions, Field trips, Lectures etc. Children are bubbling with intellectual energy. To channelize their talents many activities are planned. In addition to the academic courses, PEAS activities give a practical experience. In September 2003, ETASI – Timpany School conducted the 5th students from various places participated in the various competitions in order to create an awareness in public regarding the motto behind the whole programme.

For example, by campaigning for ‘Zero Garbage‘, school children will learn neatness in the classroom, segregation of the waste material and proper National Conference where disposal. They are able to know more about Pollution, Conservation of natural resources, Health care and after joining the PEAS clubs.

The 1st PEAS club was inaugurated on December 2, 2003 at Visakhapatnam.

Parayavaran Utsav aims at providing practical, educational and recreational values where students learn and enjoy with excitement. Seminars, workshops, Audiovisuals, Exhibitions of their creations, interaction with the experts in the field of education, environment and health will give a good exposure and knowledge outside the classroom.

PEAS believes in ‘Children’s Voices are heard’. Hence their ideas, problems and suggestions are respected for implementation. They may highlight any problem like traffic, book load, unhygienic atmosphere, insecurity and pollution. Their attitudes, values, impressions, threats are to be honoured. Hence an attempt is being made to ignite the budding minds towards the protection o f Mother Earth. Children from the Eco Clubs are actively participating in the environmental awareness and actions programmes and in the process trying to education their parents and neighbours. As environment is a common concern to all whether literate or illiterate, poor or rich, male or female, young or old, PEAS is moving towards a Green and Beautiful vision through children who are Eco-conscious and responsible citizens of tomorrow.

‘PARYAVARAN UTSAV‘ aims at making children have ‘Fun Learning ‘ Experience in a beautiful environment. Eco-cultural programmes are educative, dealing with environmental problems like pollution; say no to plastics, preservation of wild life and health care. The outcome of the proceedings shall be taken care by the Government and Non- governmental organizations. The elders should deal with their opinions, desires and worries in a suitable way for a better future.

This programme aims at fruitful results that are beneficial to all children in the society. ETASI-Timpany Schools for the second time hosted the 9th Conference in January 2011 where 500 children from various states participated and went back with renewed promises to do their bit to take care of the environment for the generations to come.